How it all started

In the center of Berlin, Germany sits a rather unremarkable building. Yet, within this structure, on the 8th floor, you can find Matrix Apps – a company with an outstanding story and an intriguing owner and founder Gustavo Woltmann.

Woltmann had held a solid dependable job working for GHN Solutions.For more than five years, he had worked hard at his job -working on software solutions. He wanted to rise in the company. He wanted to move upwards and do bigger and better things.

It was not easy for him to leave a steady paycheck behind. Yet, two things helped him make a decision. His job seemed to have reached a dead end. Many of his co-workers were continuing to plug away at the same job year-after-year. They were stagnating. Woltmann did not want to end up like them.
He could also see the movement towards small computer companies in Berlin, Germany. They were adopting a specialty role - developing applications. It seemed to him that the time was ripe for starting an app company.He took a chance in this uncharted field and created Matrix Apps.

Help Along the Way

Woltmann was not going to jump into this new world without a solid plan. He first talked to a friend who had dabbled in the app development industry. He knew then he had to come up with something original, something well thought out and something that would go the distance. He then decided to not go it alone. He talked to two close friends in the same field.

Kirk Landon and Michael Ernst were both out-side-the-box thinkers. They shared the same dream asWoltmann. They wanted to get out of their current jobs and work on something new. They wanted to build up something they could call their own. In agreement withWoltmann, they decided to help him develop a plan for a new company.

In just over a year, all three were able to leave their jobs and set out on their own. They had sufficient funds to set up the new company to be known as Matrix Apps. It was a bold move. It was also, as Woltmann was to admit “really scary.” Yet, with their purpose clear, and the recognition that they had to a brand, the three men pushed forward.

The Gamble Pays Off

Since then, Woltmann hasn’t looked back. His company stands out from others. He decided to be as innovative as possible. So far, he has lived up to this. At only age 30, something he has in common with other start-up app companies, he is making his mark. His personal tastes may be for vintage, but his company is tech savvy and creative. He makes sure to reinforce it by hiring the best, the brightest and, usually, the youngest innovators in this field.

He has worked hard to grab the attention of the industry. Rather than come up with the next addiction for the gaming world, or the latest duplicate of Instagram, Gustavo Woltmann decided to focus on a broader and as yet untapped market. They decided to try to help medium to small sized businesses. They saw a market by providing them with apps that would provide them the chance to improve and/or develop three important aspects of their business: efficiency, connections, and growth.

Profiting in Style

The apps provided by Apps Matrix are stylish and state of the art that delivers what they promise. They are empowering business owners and operators by supplying them with software they can customize, brand and apply in practical ways. It is no wonder that other companies are beginning to seek them out. Their niche market remains strong and vibrant in the face of seemingly endless new apps companies.

As a result, the prices this innovative company can charge are upwards of 10,000 Euros. Matrix Apps has gone from being an unknown and new company to becoming an established and recognized force in Berlin’s burgeoning high tech business.

The result is certainly not bad for someone who calls himself “the typical nerdy kid” who fell in love with computers at an early age. Gustavo Woltmann is no longer a kid, but he is still exploring computer technology seeking to createand innovate. The main difference he no longer tinkers with other people’s applications. He now runs his own company in Berlin, Germany and does so very well.

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